Green Day utfordring

Jeg tar utfordringen :D Ja veninna mi fant en Green day utfordring og ja selfølgelig tar jeg den , man må jo være dum hvist man ikke tar den , men ja her er 20 dager med bare Green Day spørsmål osv , gleder meg til nummer 20 :) men ja kopier hvist du må men du må kopiere fra Joy sin blogg fordi at

1.A photo of your favourite member og Green Day and why.
2.Your top 10 favourit songs of Green Day.  
3.How you heard about Green Day and what was the first song you heard of them.
4.Your favourit picture of Billie Joe and what you love and hate about him.
5.Your favourit picture of Tré and what you love and hate about him.
6.Your favourit picture of Mike and what you love and hate about him.
7.Say what Green Day means to you.
8.A picture of all albums you have of Green Day. And if you don't have any, say witch ones you want and why you don't have any.
9.What was your first thought from the first picture you ever saw of them, and post the picture.
10.Say about the band.
11.Does the band mean anything to you other than their music and looks? 
12.What do you think about the idea that they still smoke pot?
13.Write about what you think about them being Bi-sexual.
14.The last song you heard of them til' now.
15.Your favourit album and why.
16.What you think of Green Day haters.
17.What you think of Green Day Lovers
18.A photo of a Green Day concert you've been to. If you haven't been to any, say why and if you are thinking of going to one.  
19.Your favourit quotes of each member of the band.
20.How long you've been a fan and what kept you,


Guttene mineh ♥

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?Billie-Joe: When someone is in a car accident and they're driving at 100 mph, drunk, who's tape do you think he's listening to at that time? Think about it.? ♥