Noen gode julesanger :)

Hei Lesere , Tenkte jeg skulle vise dere noen fine sanger som kan skru opp julestemningen :) kos dere :)


" Make my wish come true , baby all i want for christmas is you " ♥

Mariah Carey - All I Need For Christmas Is You



" Last christmas i gave you my heart but the verry nxet day you gave it away " ♥

Cascada - Last Christmas


" Now it's christmas and your so far away on this christmas i just wish you had staied I don?t know what I?ll do, it's not Christmas without you " ♥

Kathrine Mcpee - It's Not Christmas Without You


"Wake up the happinessCome on y'all It's Christmas time " ♥

Train - Shake Up Christmas


" Its the most wonderful time of the year " ♥

Andy Williams - Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Håper dere liker disse sangene også må dere ha en god jul alle sammen :D  Hilsen Bea

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